While The Karma Collective were busy helping animals in need, we were helping to share their brand with more customers.

eCommerce for a Cause

The Karma Collective helps to protect and improve the lives of animals in need by raising donations through the sale of hand poured candles and other eco gifts. We've loved having the opportunity to contribute to the positive work they do. Working within their existing site design, we wrote new copy that converts and delivered a successful SEO strategy. Our work has helped them connect with more customers passionate about helping animals in need.

Copy to Convert

The Karma Collective asked us to help communicate the charitable purpose of the organisation on what had previously been product-focused eCommerce pages. The challenge was to help casual site visitors to any page understand the positive impact their purchase could make.

We wrote a number of new pages and re-wrote the existing product pages with a UX focus. We wrote new descriptions, complimented by custom icons to succinctly convey the attributes of the products and how the sale would ultimately help animals.

Connecting with SEO

We developed a Google search keyword strategy focussed on differentiating The Karma Collective from other gift retailers. We investigated the search behaviour and volumes of charitable gift buyers, before developing our strategy and writing SEO copy for the site. This resulted in a higher volume of relevant search traffic, and an increased conversion rate.

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